Healthy Teeth, Happy Kids

Soft bristles, ineffective on teeth! Hard bristles, too harsh on the gums! Isn’t oral hygiene a serious concern when it comes to kids? Don’t forget; the Chhota Bheem toothbrush collection is the perfect blend of strength and softness of bristles for the sensitive gums of kids.

In a market flooding with new brands of oral hygiene products for adults, aquawhite™ brings to you one of the finest range of toothbrushes for kids that are sure to make brushing teeth more of fun than just a necessity. aquawhite™ introduces Chhota Bheem Muzica and Chhota Bheem Flashhh, toothbrushes that will exude a fun and playful vibe for your kids and will make brushing nothing short of play-time for the little ones since the very moment you buy it.

Chhota Bheem Flashhh comes with a preinstalled flashlight in the body which must be switched on as soon as your kids start brushing their teeth, it switches off automatically right after 2 minutes of brushing as an indication of the completion of a proper 2 minutes brushing time. It will not only ensure proper oral cleansing, but it will also help your child easily pick up the good habit of brushing their teeth for 2 minutes 2 times a day.

Chhota Bheem Muzica is another interesting concept specially designed for the oral hygiene of your kids with a little bit of extra fun and enjoyment. It has an inbuilt sound system that plays the signature song of Chhota Bheem for 2 minutes and automatically stops playing after the precise needed time of brushing, in fact, you might see your children dance while brushing their teeth for the first time. Who wants to miss such a cute sight like that?

Blue, yellow, pink, red, and green, your children have multiple colour options of the Chhota Bheem toothbrushes to choose from. Soft bristles, flexible bodies, dance-worthy music, and an automatic flashlight is everything that your kids need to adopt the important habit of brushing their teeth for 2 minutes 2 times a day right from their early years. Healthy gums and healthy teeth together result in a great combination when it comes to learning how to maintain oral hygiene, with lots of fun and entertainment.

aquawhite™ Chhota Bheem toothbrushes are here to make the adoption of good habits feel more of fun for the kiddos and less of a tension for the mums. So don’t ask your little ones to stay away from chocolates, candies, and sweets to ensure their oral health anymore; Chhota Bheem is here to knock out the oral germs.

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