Chhota Bheem To The Oral Health Rescue

How often do you ask your kid not to have the lollipop he/she has been craving for since a long time? How often do you keep candies, ketchup and treats hidden from your kids? How often do you tell them that sweets aren’t healthy for their teeth? How many stories do you spin to scare your children from a certain type of food just so that their oral health doesn’t get affected? Quite often, isn’t it?

Well, we understand your concerns when it comes to kids; and also that it is very important for them to learn about the importance of personal hygiene and oral health. We have figured an easy way to solve all your problems and take care of all your concerns regarding the same. We’ve called Chhota Bheem, your child’s favorite cartoon character to take care of their oral health in all the dimensions. aquawhite™being the official license holder for the Chhota Bheem’s character, brings to you aquawhite™ Chhota Bheem Toothpaste for Kids. The Dubble Bubble (bubblegum) flavored toothpaste is the first-hand solution for all the oral  care related problems of your kid.

The fluoride free composition of the toothpaste makes it smooth on the gums and hard on the tough stains, plaque, germs and tartar that gets accumulated in the delicate teeth of little children, often resulting in cavities at a later stage. Children aged 3-14 can use it, and the amazing bubblegum flavor of the toothpaste will easily become your kid’s favorite. The Chhota Bheem Dubble Bubble toothpasteleaves a refreshing breath, a great after-taste and complete oral protection for kids. So many uses, so much care at such an economical price, all of it in just one tube containing 80 grams of the fluoride-free toothpaste.

The anti-cavity and anti-bacterial formula on which the toothpaste is based will take care of your child’s oral health just like you do. The taste, attractive tube and cover of the toothpaste having your child’sfavorite cartoon character will prompt them to brush their teeth happily and willingly, because what’s better than your child’s hero helping them out while brushing their teeth?

The over-all after-effect this toothpaste has in the mouth instantly is sure to prompt your kids to brush their teeth for 2 minutes, 2 times a day which is one of the easiest and most important habits your child should pick at an early age. Now let your child enjoy the treats you have been hiding since a long time,because Chhota Bheem will take care of the rest.

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