‘aqua’ signifies ‘refreshing senses’ and ‘white signifies ‘purity’… and thus is the story behind ‘aquawhite’. Born to refresh your senses; aquawhite is the oral care brand which is pure and energetic compilation of technology and scienceto provide the best in ‘Oral Hygiene’.

It makes you start from the start!

Planning ‘oral hygiene’ days after the birth of a baby is probably the decision a parent can make. With specialized products for infants, kids, tweens and teens; ‘aquawhite’ establishes a focus on starting oral care from the start to impart long life to teeth and thus a healthy smile.

A promise

‘aquawhite’ promises to touch horizons in the category of Oral Care to make the world a better place to smile.


Our vision is to be the first name of Oral Hygiene with the help of our innovation in alignment to the changing needs and consumer-focused commitment.


Our purpose with mission is to enable more people to live a healthy life by improving and ensuring the health of their smile with supreme technical expertise in Oral Care.