Aquawhite™ Jiggle Wiggle – Oral Health With Style

Chhota bheem Jiggle-wiggle

Understanding kids and their constantly changing choices and interest is nothing short of an art; at one moment they want something colourful and attractive and the other they want something interesting. Well, it’s not easy to be a kid, having so much to learn, so many choices and an eager & curious mind at the same time. 

The basic level of learning starts from the home of a child, from the people around them. They start learning, picking up habits and behaviour much before they realize it, and it eventually becomes a part of their personality. It’s technically, the family’s responsibility to teach children all the necessary things which will stick by their side throughout. The first thing a family should start teaching their children is personal care and hygiene, the sooner the better, and that too in a way that it becomes easy for kids to learn and adopt them.

It is important for children to be well versed with the importance and necessity of personal care in all the aspects, from mental health to oral hygiene and everything in-between. Oral health is one of the most important parts of teaching that should be introduced to the kids at an early age, and in a way that kids adopt it willingly and happily. Sounds a bit difficult, right? No worries, aquawhite™ is here with one of the most phenomenal products for their oral well-being, the aquawhite™

Jiggle Wiggle Toothbrush. This toothbrush is specially designed keeping the interest, liking and choices of kids in mind, as aquawhite™ is the official license holder for some of the favourite cartoon characters of children like Chhota Bheem, The Jungle Book, Shimmer and Shine, and Pokémon.

A triumph of texture and form, and dramatic, organic, sophisticated, sensual, it was one of the most beguiling pieces of functional art I’ve seen of late.

Jiggle Wiggle comes in 4 variants of the mentioned cartoon characters. The toothbrush comes with a hygiene cap that protects the bristles from germs and dust, keeping it clean and fresh for use. It comes with a suction cup at the base that makes it handy as it can stick to any smooth surface that helps in keeping the wet brush head off the bench. Not only this, Jiggle Wiggle has ultra-soft bristles that effectively remove plaque, tartar and germs from delicate teeth and a unique tongue cleaner at the back of its head that ensures an overall protection of oral health. The body of the toothbrush makes it easy to hold and use altogether.

Jiggle Wiggle is an interesting and attractive toothbrush that has everything which can make it a kid’s favourite. It’s also a boon for moms, as Jiggle Wiggle will help sort the tedious task of teaching children about oral health. With the Jiggle Wiggle toothbrush, kids will take no time in adopting the habit of brushing their teeth for 2 minutes, 2 times a day.

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